Why to Use Business Directory? Find 9 Benefits

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Why to Use Business Directory List? Find 9 Reasons/Benefits

If you are here that shows you want to know the reasons why most of the business owners or companies preferred listing their business in online business directory platform.

As a small business owner, building personal branding is a must. You need to build your brand awareness in order to build your brand. So that you make sure that people know about your business or services or products you are selling. People use different methods and platform to build personal branding. And business directory is one of the most easiest methods the most of the beginners use to create awareness campaign for their brand.

Gone was the days, people used traditional listing methods like off-line listing on YellowPages. YellowPages started as traditional business listing in off-line. But understanding the market Yellow pages also has merged to online.

Online business directory listing can be an ideal for potential customers to find and learn your business in online when it is the most relevant on-topic result of what they are searching for. This makes a local business directory an unique asset to bring new clients to your shop. Business directory can boost your business visibility locally and internationally.

In this guide you are going to discover 9 benefits of using business directory list:

9 Benefits of Using Business Directory list 

Let’s look at the top 9 benefits of using online business directories and learn how they can help boosting search engine visibility for your business. These are the benefits you are going to gain with online business directory:

#1. Improve Online Presence

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You need to know what is online presence? 

Online presence is the existence in digital media through the different online search systems. In the digital age it is one of the essential requirements for companies. It is the online representation of a company or person. In addition to the web, it also consists of presence in marketplaces, social networks and emails. The own brand is part of the online presence.

The definition has been taken from Arimetrics.

When you search for your business on Google and Bing, sometime you may see your business appear in unknown listings without you submit the list. How does it happen? This is because some directory listings sites have collected about your business information from larger directory sites and created another listing information. So when you get listed in larger business directory, you also get more listings in smaller directories without submitting your list by your own to them.

This is how wonderfully business directory works for your business. Your online presence or existence in digital media is enhanced widely. However, there is a downside of this, the information of your business may be different in that smaller directory because the list was not created by you. So in order to avoid such wrong information about your business, you need to update your listings and fix your online existence. So the number one benefit you gain here is your online presence or existence in digital media has been improved by using the business directory.

#2. Improve Local and International Visibility

Did you know what percentage of Google searches are local? According to the survey done by Henessey site it is about 46% of online searches are users looking for local information.

So this is clear that having your business listed in an online business directory will improve your online appearance and help local clients find you easily through advanced filter options to your business. It is easy to find you with the options to choose “Near Me” searches that bring up local business directories. So it is more likely that people can reach to your business very easily when your business is listed in local directory.

Thus, this helps improve local as well international visibility of your business. When you place your website link on directory list you gain backlinks for your site, and that helps ranking your website in search engine. As many as your business is listed in different directories you gain more backlinks and that increase your domain authority, and again because your domain authority is increasing search engine also love your website, and your site will be indexed more often by the search engine. this is how your online visibility will increase day after day.

#3. Get Found Easily

As you get listed in different directories, it will increase site backlinks and backlinks will help you increase site authority, and gaining site authority improve SEO ranking. More backlinks, more site authority, more authority more SEO ranking score. Finally you are in the first page of the search engine. Your business will have more chances to get on first page of search engine. Then your business will be found easily by the customers who are looking for a service or products you are offering to.

Now you imagine how a business directory can improve your chances of getting found by potential clients even if they do not search your business by name. So listing business in business directory is always a good practice.

#4. Gain Business Reputation

One of the most essential in business is gaining reputation or a trust. It takes years to develop reputation. Specially when your your business is a new start. You do not have followers, subscribers in social media, no leads, no testimonials, and no reviews. This will be a difficult time for you to improve reputation in the market. One quick way to gain business reputation is by listing your business in different business directories.

When you start listing your business on directories people will began to see your business and start engaging with you, gradually people will know about your business. If you can offer good service or your products are good then customers will fall in love with your business, in turn they will influence others too about your business. To gain business reputation you need customers reviews on your listing. Of course there will be some negative reviews but you should not stop listing fearing negative reviews because that may also shuts off getting positive reviews.

#5. Create Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness is essential in business. What is brand awareness? It is the outreach program you conduct online or offline to make people aware of your business or service or products. Awareness is to make people feel what they need , why they need and how it is going to profit them and if they do not take action how to they are going to lose the profit. This is what you are going to tell customers about your products or service when you do a awareness campaign.

So when you list your business on business directory list you can create brand awareness of your business. Informing people about your service or product, presenting in such a way that customers are excited to click on your banner or link to learn about your business in more details. Perhaps conducting brand awareness is the first practice that every business owner would do. Awareness creates curiosity in the minds of viewers and that leads to leads to take action. This is why most of the businesses create brand awareness campaign. And directory listing is one of the platforms to create your brand awareness campaign.

#6. Boost SEO Ranking

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Search engine optimization optimize your content and it can help your business appear in search engine. When you do search engine optimization your website get indexed by the search engine and whenever customers type a relevant topic or keywords on browser search engine display the relevant result. This is how SEO works but it is quiet difficult to appear in first page of the search engine even if you do proper SEO.

To boost your SEO ranking you need more backlinks. Adding a list in business directory will boost your SEO ranking and your business will have more chances to be found by more customers when they search with relevant keyword or topic.

Online business directories are considered as valuable and trusted source of information by Google, Bing and other search engines. For this reason, the first page of results for local business searches always contains online business directories. So if you get listed on business directory site, you increase the chances of benefiting from their well-established SEO and your business most likely to appear on the first page of the search engine like Google and Bing.

#7. Easy Connect with Customer

Most of the business directories have features to connect with customers to increase engagement. Always look for the customers reviews and messaging system when you add listing your business.

Creating a listing on directory not only help local customers find you, but it also help you get more customers feedback. Most of the directories sort business listings by location, so that it makes easier for the customers to find you. Keeping your business contact information available on local directory makes faster connection with potential customers. So when you choose the business directory website look for the options to keep your  contact number, email address, website links, video links etc. Because your customers will find more easy to reach you and that way you can connect to your customers very quickly.

#8. Increase Quality Traffic

Web Traffic that is coming from directory listings to your business site are real buyers. How do I know? Let’s say you have an e-commerce website where you are selling mobile phones, and you have listed your business on any directory site. when people are searching for a mobile they found your product not on your website but on directory site here you have listed your business. So when they click on the link they don’t click by mistake. They really want to know about the product you are selling. So they go to your website to check out the product to make purchase.

So posting a link to business directory not only increase web traffic but also it increases real buyers.

#9. Collect Customers Testimonial

Most of the business directories permit customers to rate and review the company performance or quality of the products. Consumers always look for reviews and testimonials about the product or service they are going to buy, that is to make sure their decision in purchasing particular product or service is profitable or useful to them.

You need to score positive reviews rating points and collect as much as testimonials, doing this your brand reputation and trust will increase. That likely to increase more sales. Business directory site can help you gain this reviews rating score and testimonials reports.


These are the major benefits you can reap from listing your business in online business directory site. Provide accurate information about your business and contact details so that customers can connect with you.

You also need to be available to your customers other wise they likely to move over to your competitor’s brand. Always update your listings with correct information and attract your potential customers.

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