Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any help you may contact us but before that we want you to check your answers in this section.

General Questions

Adsmedianet is an online free business directory listings site. It provides all the premium features with free plan. Adsmedianet also provide you premium and life-time plans.

What you can do on Adsmedianet? 

You can list your business by choosing any of the plans available on our site. You can start with basic plan which is free.

How do I get help? You can check our FAQ section for any help. If it does not solve your problem you can directly contact us at

To get started with Adsmedianet is very simple. Follow the simple steps to create an account.

  1.  Click on the Sign up button and enter your email address, name and user name then click on the create button. You will receive a mail containing your password. Now login with your user name and password. You are done! 

Once you have received the login password login into the site and you will be permit to access to your user dashboard. On the top right corner you will find your dashboard panel, click on the dashboard to start adding your business list.

You can also add listing by clicking on the add button or plus button located on top right corner. But remember direct listing is not allowed. You need to select the plan first, then fill in all the details of your listing, then save and review. If approved by admin your list will be published on our directory. You can check out the report on your dashboard. 

It depends on the plan you have selected. If you choose free plan then your listings will be live for 30 days. However, you can relist your expired listings by just claiming the list, you can update if you wish and relist them as often as possible. Because we provide you free service under basic plan. 
Yes. You can upgrade or use premium or life time plan anytime. Please read the plans details in pricing section.
We cannot give guarantee to any one. It also depend on how much your offer is attractive to new customers or how much capable are you to describe your business. You may see result right after adding your list or sometime it may take up to 6 months to see results. Result will vary one user to another. 
Yes. We allow our user to add site link and YouTube link as well even if you are a free user. 


We offer three plans: Basic, Premium and Life-Time Plan.

  • Basic: This plan is free. You can add up to 2 listings under this plan. Your listings stay up to 30 days.
  • Premium: This is a paid plan. You can add up to 6 listings under this plan. You get more features and functionalities with this plan.
  • Life-Time: This plan is awesome! If you hate monthly charges you can opt this plan with just one time payment. 
For more details please check our pricing section. 

When you choose the Life-Time plan you have to pay only one time and add listings up to the limited numbers of listings but list them for life time. Meaning; your listings will be live on our directory till your account is active. However, our system will stop your listings on completion of one year/365 days. But don't worry! You will not be asked to pay, you can simply modify or update your listings and relist them again. 

For more details please check our pricing section. 

As of now, there are three payment options available on our directory. 

  • PayPal: you can opt PayPal to complete the payment if you choose or upgrade to any paid plan. 
  • You can also make payment through If you do not have account already please create an account with
  • Bank Transfer: We also accept direct bank transfer. When you choose this option you will find our bank details on the page and contact us after payment. After we confirm your payment we will approve your listings. 
If you find any technical issue in payment please contact us. You can start adding your listings on basic plan till we are back to you with your premium plans details. 

It depends on the plan you choose. You can add 2 listings with basic plan, add 6 listings with premium and 10 listings with life-time plan. You can check more details in pricing section.

User Management

Once you are registered member of Adsmedianet you can manage your listings from your dashboard. You can find it on top right corner of the site. Our dashboard is very simple to understand and manage the listings. 

Absolutely yes! You can promote your listings on our directory after you add new list that gives you extra boosting of your listings. To promote your listing you need to pay certain fee. You can promote even if you are a free user. 

Yes. You can add your social media profile or page link to your list from your dashboard. This features will be open to all users. 

Right from your dashboard you will be able to see or track your listing performance. 

We allow user to share their listings on social media. Since you have set up with your social media profile you must share your listings on social media. This will increase your engagement ratings. 

Yes. Review system is very crucial for your listings. You need to score more reviews point to trust from your customers. Using our directory you get review option to increase review score and public trust. 

Technical support

If you experience any issue with our directory you can send us mail to

We will review the issue and fix as soon as possible. However, it may take up to 48 hours. Once your issue is fixed you will be communicated.