GSH Plug & Play Wireless Video Game for Kids (8 bit Retro Built-in Games) for up to 2 Players-Multi Color

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If you met the following problem, please replace the new batteries which had fully charged and the problem will be solved.

Remotes do not work properly./It kicks you out Everytime you start a game/Buttons on controller won’t work some timesOne of them do not work/Games don not load complete/The controller functions do not work properly and stickStart button keeps taking back to list of games instead of starting the game/Not able to play any game, when selecting start shots off and goes back to menu/After playing some time while I am playing the game goes back to the main menu/Some time work SOME TIME NOT WORKCan not start any of the games in this one. Anytime hit start button, it takes you back to the list of games.It started well and stipped working after few days/After playing for a while, the controller does not work.

The above problems are caused by the battery in lower power, please replace the battery with a new one that has been fully charged, the problem would be solved.

More tips:

Auto return to game list: controller battery was in the lower power, please replace the new and fully charged battery .

Controller delay: Please play the game far away from router. If the controller was delayed after playing for a time, please replaced the new and full charge battery.

Freezing: Press SECECT + START at the same time for 5 seconds, it will not freezing. If it still freezing, please use the USB power supply connected to the phone’s USB charger to get power, because some TVs will not have enough power to support it and the console will Freezing.

Overheating: THE console have been tested for 24 hours playing before leaving the factory. It is normal for the temperature to rise when playing games on for long periods of time, but this will not cause the console to interrupt or exit back into the game list.

After playin a long time, the console Auto Back to game lsit menu:THE reason for the game to automatically exit and return to the game list is due to the gamepad’s battery running out due to prolonged play (e.g. 4 hours or more), this will cause the game to automatically exit and return to the game list. Changing the Gamepad’s battery to a new and fully charged one will solve the problem and continue to play games normally

We provide 7 * 24-hour technical support. If you have anyother problem about the product, please let us know.




Place new batteries into controllers

Please place 4 new AAA batteries into the 2 controllers so that retro game console work properly. When the game controllers is in the lower power, the retro game console will make you auto back to the menu, controller delay or freezing and so on. When the console dose not work well, please replacement the new and fully charge batteries in it.

Retro game Controllers Setting

Please put 4 new AAA batteries into the 2 controllers and select the first game handle as 1P and 2P for the second game handle .After setting that, you can play it with your friend better and more conveniently. If both handles are 1P, the gamepad signals will interfere with each other, resulting in lagging/sticking and one controller can not work.

Retro game console power supply

Please use the usb power cable connected to the phone’s USB charger to get power, because some TV will not have enough power to support it and the console will not work well such as Freezing.

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Retro Game Console

The TF card in nes retro game console has 818 classic games from the 80s to the 90s, such as Super Mario Bros, Contra, Zelda, Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, Pac-Man an so on. You can have a good time with your family by the plug and play video game.

Built-in Advanced Game Chip

The retro game console has built-in high-performance game chips and a special external cooling system, which effectively keeps the game running stably and improve your gaming experience.

Plug And Play Video Games

The mini console of the preinstalled games console is only the size of a U disk and weighs only 6.2z with two wireless controllers. You can take them anywhere, as long as there is an HDMI input interface(TV and Monitors,not computer and laptop), you can plug and play anywhere and anytime.


fgregerfgreger Classic Games

Game console built-in multi games: Super Mario Bros, Contra, Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Adventure Island, Tecmo Bowl, Galaga, Tetrisa, Donkey Kong, Ice Climber, Bubble Bobble, 1942, Double Dragon, Joust, Millipede, Karate Champ, Warrior, Ghost Buste, Golf, etc.

Gift for kids or adult Birthday gifts for lover Ideal holiday gift 80s and 90s games Retro old game graphics and music

Retro nes game console HDMI

Game console built-in multi games

Connect the TVConnect power supplyConnect controllers
Compared with the AV output retro game console: Package Contents MINI HDMI U-Disk retro game console (including game TF card)*1 Wireless game controller*2 Power cord*1 User Manual*1


Wireless Consola Retro

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1. MORE FUN:Let you and your family immerse yourself in various adventures in different worlds, and enjoy the fun portable nes game with your family.2. BEST GIFT: Great gift for kids and adults in Christmas, Birthday, enjoy the contra arcade game easier, Take you go back to the childhood memories. This will be a great holiday gift, a birthday gift.

How To Use

1. Connect the video game arcade console to the HD port of the TV, connect the USB-powered data cable to the host, and then adjust the TV signal source to the HD channel to display the plug n play tv games list screen on the TV. It is old fashioned video games for your television.2. Put 4 AAA NEW fully charged batteries into 2 game controllers, and use controller 1 to control the kids video game consola videojuegos for the first time.3. The battery is not included in the package, you need to prepare it yourself. Each wireless controller needs 2 AAA batteries.4. Quit the plug and play video games: Press SECECT + START at the same time for two seconds.


Wireless game console/ Color: blackMaterial: plastic and metal /Plug: USB/Joystick type: wirelessOutput: HDMI Game controller /Size: about 5.4 * 4.2 * 2.2 in


Game console mini classic TV game. Hundreds of classic games are built in.8-bit and dual 4-button gamepad.UBS power supply. Support HDMI output.Low power consumption design.