Amkette iGrip Easy View One Touch Car Mount for Dashboard and Windshield | 360 Degree Rotation | Compact Design | Re-usable Suction Gel | Drive Assist Companion App | (Black)

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Product Description

amkette igrip car mountamkette igrip car mount

Simple, compact, safe and secure – the Amkette iGrip One Touch Easy View Car mount is the ideal compact car mount. With powerful clamps, easy one-handed operation and a cute and unique compact design, your phones are secure, and your hands on the wheel.

Super Sticky Gel on the Suction pad ensures a rock like a grip on practically any surface. A handy Dashboard Pad is provided for textured surfaces. Easy One-Handed Operation. Simply press the two sidebars till they click in place, and push your Smartphone in.Polycarbonate Plastic – Ensures a robust and long lasting car mount

Note: To ensure the best grip possible, one should always clean the surface before use.

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one touch lockone touch lock

Easy to Use

Simple and Easy to use, the One Touch Lock Mechanism let’s you simply place your phone in the cradle to get the strong and sturdy grip you need on bumpy roads. Practical conveniences, are best, especially when safety is in mind.

suction cupsuction cup

Strong Suction – And Reusable

The Suction on the Easy View Car Mount, uses a special Sticky Silicon Gel that maximizes suction by eliminating any air gaps caused by dust particles. The stickiness of the gel can be restored by cleaning with running water and then air drying.

Note: It is highly recommended to clean the surface before using, and to use the Dashboard pad if using on a textured surface.

durable mountdurable mount

Built to Last

The Premium Poly Carbonate body ensures a highly durable car mount with high resistance to falls. All materials used are of high quality giving the car mount a long life, and smooth operation.

360 degree rotation360 degree rotation

Compact and Flexible

The car mount is capable of 360 Degrees rotation and is easy to use in both portrait or landscape mode without hassle. The compact design fits in well with the aesthetics of most cars. Use it, on the dashboard or the windshield for a safe and secure drive.

one touch lockone touch lock

One Touch Lock Mechanism

suction cupsuction cup

Re-usable Suction Gel

durable mountdurable mount

Premium Poly Carbonate Body

360 degree rotation360 degree rotation

360 Degrees Rotation

Ultimate Flexibility

dashboard mountdashboard mount

windshield mountwindshield mount

desk mountdesk mount


Using the Car Mount on the Dashboard brings your phone closer to you and let’s your co-passenger use the screen as well.

Note: Use the provided Dashboard Pad for a flawless mounting experience.


Easily attach the car mount to your Windshield for a easy and comfortable driving experience. The Sticky Gel Suction Pad ensures a strong and secure grip.

Note: Ensure the surface is clean before mounting.


Watch a lot of movies on your desk, or just need your phone angled and visible? Use the Easy View Car Mount on your desk as well, and feel free to lean back, and put your legs up!

lock the pivotlock the pivot


side barsside bars

smartphone mountsmartphone mount

Step 1

Assemble the car mount by inserting the pivot ball into the cradle knob and tighten it.

Step 2

Ensure a flat and Clean surface before mounting. Simply place the car mount on the clean surface.

Note: For textured surfaces, use the included dashboard pad.

Step 3

Press bars on either side till they click in place. This will lock the locking sidearms.

Step 4

Simply place the smartphone between the clamps and press down to lock you phone in place. To release your phone, simply press the 2 bars on either side, and grab your phone.

Exclusive applicationExclusive application

blankblank Poly-Carbonate Design Reusable Sticky Gel Suction Cup Support All Smartphones Supports 360 Degreees rotation

Companion iGrip Drive App

Your Vehicle Companion

Amkette cares about your overall driving experience. That’s why we have developed not just a High Quality Car Mount, but also a Digital Assistant to help better manage your Vehicle.

Maintain your Fuel log, and get interesting stats like your Milage, your cost/km and much more. The App also help you mark the parking location of your car, Indoor or Outdoor. With new features coming soon. Get it on the Google Play Store. (iOS coming soon)

Simple input for every time you fill up your tank. Automatically displays your Cars Mileage and Cost per KM Use GPS to mark your cars Parking Spot or a simple input to remember you parked in the 2nd basement! Intersting and Useful Vehicle data like monthly spend, best mileage, cost per km and more

Download igrip AppDownload igrip App

Mount Location
Dashboard / Windshield Dashboard / Windshield Dashboard / Windshield Dashboard / Windshield Ac Vent

Lock/Open Mechanism
Easy Lock Quick Release Easy Lock Quick Release Magnetic Lock

360′ Rotation


Car Compatibility
Universal Universal Universal Universal Horizonal Vents

iGrip Drive Assist App

ABS Plastic ABS Plastic ABS Plastic ABS Plastic ABS Plastic

Dasboard Pad Dasboard Pad Dasboard Pad Dasboard Pad Metal Plates

Silicone Grip

Adjustable Arm
No No


Adjustable Bottom Support


The STICKY GEL PAD on the suction surface prevents any air gaps when mounted, ensuring a SUPER STRONG GRIP on practically any surface. For ideal usage, a smooth and clean surface is recommended. For TEXTURED DASHBOARDS or DESKS, a smooth DASHBOARD MOUNTING PAD is included. Perfect for your Car, Office Desk or Home.
Not only is the surface suction very reliable, but the Grip on your phone is also EXTREMELY SECURE. With a gentle push on your phone, POWERFUL CLAMPS safely grip your phone in a soft cradle. And when it’s time to go, simply press the two side handles and Go!
The iGrip Easy View One Touch Car Mount is EASY TO USE. The Phone Holder can easily be rotated for PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE and angled to your convenience. The Reliable Suction, Secure Grip and EASY ONE HANDED OPERATION this Car Mount the perfect COMPACT Phone Holder. So push your phone in, turn on your Navigation, and start Road Tripping!
THE AMKETTE ADVANTAGE: HASSLE FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY from a company that has valued customers for over 30 years. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT, on the Brand Website, for the extended warranty.